Friday, October 30, 2009

Star grid posters make my Starfish tingle

Click and Enlarge...these bitches are the coolest...

Course the these guys would be a hell of a lot cooler if there were a boob er too, but hey...I didn't fucking make em. Rest assured. Had I made these there would be boobs as well as perhaps a boner for the ladies and all would be wearing Star Trek or Cremaster gear.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Famous in Utah.

Like KFC, but inedible.
Now I love all things "Day". For instance the Daywalker, Days of Our Lives (I can't fucking believe they still use that goddamn hourglass), and any day I see a pink pool float!. I also got no problem with all things "of the Dead". Shaun, ORGY...bladdy bladdy blah and on and fucking on. Oh, yeah shit! I almost forgot our lord and saviour...I fucking heart the shit outta Jesus, and all God's creatures!
Well today just so's to happen to be on of them fucking sweet ass days when Jesus and Thor musta had a good day of tennis. It's like that time you found, and tried on your daddy's condoms!! Wasn't that the BEST!!?

Well, Miss Suziki hit us up with a link for pillows this afternoon. Yeah PILLOWS!! Suck it! We all use em! When you see these babies you'll know what I'm talkin bout!

First and foremost! The most amazing pillow aside from prehaps a Slave Leia piller...but as Jesus says

I gotta have this shit!! It would look the sweetest on my couch from the set of Mr. Belvedere!!
UGH!! Now the Day of the Dead felt pillow above is just incredible! I can't even swear about it. It's got and DEAD!! Sadly Kissy purchased the Day of the Dead pillow...but the Jesus Bearing Cross Straddling a DinofuckinSaur is still available. If any of you buy it I swear I'll shank ya with a popsicle stick I sharpened in the school yard!!
I'ma jokin! I'll just give ya the stink eye.
I chatted with Victoria The Germ(link to her Etsy Store) today on the book a little bit and she needs us to buy these bitches. As she said..."I'm super super uber poor and I need money! (I should really start getting back to sewing, but I just like basking in the glory that is my Utah fame!"
That's right she's "UTAH FAMOUS"! Bask Vick...BASK....Like KFC but inedible...


I'll hug it and kiss it and possibly have dirty sexy times with it.

It's only 7900.00 fucking dollars. I'm gettin it!!
If'n you need one too, check this bitch out at Sideshow Collectibles!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kneel before ZA!!

I was doin a little research, ya know like what the fuck is for lunch (even though it's 9 in the morn) and I came across this sweet azz za video!! I say...looks like pizza for lunch.

I'm gonna buy this bitch put it on my tee vees and watch it for days!! If you need this fucker as badly as I do and have a VCR. Don't dally!! Buy that bitch it's only 10 bucks...far less than the cost of a pizza. Unless of course you break the holiest of holy rules and go to...what the fuck is that joint called now it slips my mind...OH yeah...Little Sceasers.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hem tlhIngan Segh 'ej maHemtaH 'e' wIHech.

Maybe an new fucking series...UGH! I hope so!

Check out this bitchin web page too! The translation towards the end of the video says you HAFTA!! For full fucking effect you should really watch the movie on this page.
Original post found via SYFY (gayest named channel on earth or any other known planet)

Do they sell bacon scent?

HOLY FUCK THEY DO!! SMELL IT HERE I'm totally buyin that shit to spray all over this new print I'm buyin.

It's bacony and it's fucking gonna be amazing with the scent of bacon wafting from behind it's frame!
Check out RADROBOT's ETSY page...sadly, he's not strictly a bacon artist. But, I spose it'd be hard in the streets if he was.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kessel Run sounds more like a Triathlon to me

Below is a real life FB fucking thread between me and my pals. I love my fucking nerds!

Be scared there is a lot of math and junk in there...

Dave Styer
Woke up wonderin, just how long is a parsec. An hour, a day , a month? Just how fast did they make the Kessel Run anyway?

Will Stone
I think a parsec is a unit of linear measure like a light year.

James Brown
Very similar to a "click" i believe

Dave Styer
I stand corrected.
Han Solo claimed that his Millennium Falcon "made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs". A parsec was a unit of distance, not time. Solo was not referring directly to his ship's speed when he made this claim. Instead, he was referring to the shorter route he was able to travel by skirting the nearby Maw black hole cluster... Read More, thus making the run in under the standard distance. By moving closer to the black holes, Solo managed to cut the distance down to about 11.5 parsecs. The smuggler, BoShek, actually beat Solo's record in his ship, Infinity, but without cargo to weigh him down.

A few months later, Han Solo beat both his own and BoShek's records in a run he made with Luke Skywalker.

James Brown
Han is a badass, period

Ashley Phillips
that's like what happened on cannonball run.

Dave Styer
ASHLEY!!!! It is! How's GA? I miss ya!

Ashley Phillips
there's a lot of sick here but it's still nice and southern. how's the utah?

Melissa McKim
3.25 light years which is a distance but sort of an amount of time as well if lightspeed is indeed constant which is what it is all based on so there ya go.

Carolyn Rittweger
DUH! ;)

Melissa McKim
urm...i used to be into like space and shit.

Dave Styer
The Utah...hmmm...Hamthrax just came to my work, so I think I'll probably get it. Just Mid-Westerny I guess.

Alan Ralph Berg
I remember reading the Han Solo Trilogy when I was a boy and yes a parsec is the distance, but it seemed to me he was talking about 2 weeks it took him to do that run.

Dave Styer it takes how long to travel a light year M? I NEED TO KNOW!!

Melissa McKim
9.4605284 × 1015 meters thank you wikipedia

Melissa McKim
ack that's supposed to be the 10 to the power of 15!

Dave Styer

Melissa McKim

oh and one regular year.

Dave Styer how long does it take? Maybe this is why the people at tootsie had such a hard time findin out how long it took to get to the guts of a tootsie pop?

Melissa McKim
well the point of it all is that it takes a year to go a light year travelling at the speed of light so...han solo is wrong. AWESOME but wrong.

Melissa McKim
thank-you mr owl? ;)

Dave Styer
So 3.25 x 12 RIGHT!? 39 years!! It took him 39 years!!

Melissa McKim
quite a lifespan those hot space pirates got huh?

Dave Styer
Yeah! He looks good!

Tristin Tabish

nerdiest thread ever! LOVE IT!

Melissa McKim
math, star wars, semantics...what more could you want?!

Dave Styer
My brain hurts.

Dear FACEBOOK, thanks for ruining this post with your gay ass CAPTCHA! SPORTS!! UGH!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Nothin says FriDave like Arnold in a Turban

Member when his eyes got all bulgy at the end...that was the fucking best. Arnold I'm sorry you got screwed on your well deserved Academy Award in 1990 it was fucking bullshit!

If you need me, I'll be under the Donut Tree

Once the little girl goes home, I'll be taking my rightful place under the motherfucking donut tree chillin with my horned steed (AKA Uni-mazing-corn) eatin the donuts that he picks for me. I'ma gonna eat them shits straight off his horn whilst naked, drinkin choco milks. No perverts I won't be eatin nuts off his "love muscle". I'll be grubbin off his magical sparkly horn that as you can see conveniently holds a donut for you and me...that is if I let you come over and hang. But that's a lot of fucking donuts, I suppose I can't eat all them bitches. Come on over! Bring your own milks, shit dudes, I'm not made of money!

Found via Etsy at Donut Tree's shop. If pussies are your thing Mr. Donut Tree also has a print of a herd of them bitches!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Join the Empire...

Honey, I'll do anything you fucking want!!

Wish I knew where these originally came from...just found em randomly in a moment of googlin "sexy star wars". Shut your cock nibbler! It's NORMAL!!

Ghostbusters multi-track

This bitch right here is guaranteed to get your lips to form into that elusive half moon shape.


Super Babe and her breasts of magnitude...

break for snails

WOW-tothefucking-WEE!! This cat Quin Ones has a "super" skillful hand not to mention eye, when it comes to drawing some sweet, sweet super boobs! He's also got some really cool original comic style drawings available for sale, featuring some of your favorite comic book heroes. Their not my favorites, I've always thought Green Lantern and Spidey were a couple of has been pussies!

Check out Quin One's Etsy store. Buy some of this shit, Quin needs that Japanese WHOPPER!

Get this in my ball washer, and hold the Windows 7 please.

Achike!! Japan always gets the mother of all fucking brutal shit! I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm moving! I need to have my very own panty vending machine.
Big taco grande for Agent M! He's the cat that brought this to my attention. Follow his groundbreaking taco and comic news on Twitter

I need all the Star Wars!

But, You'll never catch me dead in a pair of Doc Martens, jap slaps or sandals...I'm just sayin.

40 bucks ain't a bad price to fucking pay for Dirty Harry(not even if it was a dirty sexy move), Splatter Trooper, and Vegas Vicky!! There's even some Audrey Hepburn bitches for you ladies and fruity cats!! I really hope there is some plans for the future for some more Star Wars shits!! I will buy all the STAR WARSES!!

Check out his goddamn Etsy shop, it's printmazing!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Winner, winner Taco Dinner!

CHAFUCKING POW!! The Black Jack Taco!!

This shit is gonna be sweeter than a sniff offen AC Slater's balls on game day! Attention Giant ass chains of the World: I'm a sucker for packaging wrap that bitch in a different coat and I'm gonna buy/eat the shit out of that shit!

Oh fuck...guess it would help if I told you this is a new Taco Bell joint.

No Outer Darkness for God's Assasin

Boba musta had his fucking Jesus Jammies on when he hit the guts of the Sarlacc Pit! Look at him all fuckin beautiful and shit, the Celestial Kingdom is gonna be fucking sweet! Now I know, more than ever, that I want to go to that fucker.

Found this sweet shit via JeanAl57's Etsy shop...she'll be gettin an order for Boba the Angelfett for fucking sure!

PS...also a pretty sweet Leia princessin out and shit on there as well.

In the name of Jesus Christ...Amen.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Spockicorn: Nothing has ever been more logical

•eyebrow raised• This is highly illogical, yet evokes feelings of sparkly magics!

Yeah that's right fucking Spockicorn! Now this beautiful piece of art came from a website called Bad Spock Drawings. Are you out of your fucking mind!? I cannot possibly believe that there is a single drawing of Spock that could be used for the forces of evil. This shit shoulda been called Rad Spock Drawings. As Spock would say "Suck my green blood filled phallus!"

Monday, October 19, 2009

Glow Manager VS Paula Deen

GODDAMMIT!! I wish I could remeber the GLOW ol' lady manager name...but fuck I swear she's Paula Deen!! It's gotta be!!

Jen Wiley and I were fucking gabbin about GLOW...and then it hit me! Thanks Jen!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Jesus 2000

I think the 10 commandments have been revised to 1.

1•Fuckin PARTY!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fonz SOCKS! Bring back the olden days.

Back in the olden days...we had radder toys, radder foods (Count Chocula etc...), radder food iconic figures (Count Chocula etc...), and apparently we had access to the raddest fucking socks ever created! LOOK at them bitches...UGH!! God fucking dammit...I miss the olden days.

Big titty twister goes out to the fine ass LOLO from the downstairs's kind like Lavern and Shirley...only a little more bitchiner!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

MMM...It's tastes like raisins...

Shut your goddamn ball washer woman and get on my stupendous steed, which oddly enough is the creator of HORSE POP! The new soda of the God's. Now available in both lemonade and Mt. Dew flaves! Christ, I know we've all seen this shit like a hundred fucking times but, I didn't feel like this fucking vid (by the mighty group at WEEBL) was gettin enough's been crackin me up for two days non-stop flavor! Watch this bitch by tugging on my winky!

PS...this soda clearly makes you fucking stupid. As you can see in the pic above, I can't spell lemonade. FUCK!

So Sixy!

Dear Six, I've dreamt about you nightly since the premiere, of BSG back in the 03's and will continue to do so until you and I are married and you're expecting a little Cylon hybrid! Hopefully he/she looks more like Cyborg than human. How cute would that be!?

Original post from iGeekTrooper. Follow him on Twitter. PS. As he's pointed out there are some photoshop issues with the above cover...but who fucking cares...shit is hotter than a talking vaginer!

Frakkin Smurftastic!

My GODS!! These frakkin Smurfs...know how to party! This image is frakking amazing! I don't know where this artist lives but it must be heavens...cuz only Jesus could make something so fucking awesome!! Original post came from Docking Bay 94 Ala-Jeffisageek follow his ass on twitter...lots and lots of fucking sweet geekery!

Now if only this fucking bitch would happen!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Droves of nerds should love the Groves!

Mike Groves is gonna blow the fuck up!! Mark my words...check out his sweet shit ala PoOpBIrD and Pain & Wonder Tattoo!! LOOK at his nerdy art and tatty zaps (2nd one in the gallery is on my fucking leg BITCHES!!) He's gonna love this...since he loves cussing SO MUCH!

Mikey is the rad looking dude on the left. Chillin with Louis Tully from Ghostbusters...what a saaaweeet fucking costume eh?

Above are a couple of his pieces available print flavor from his Etsy Store! Shit is super cheap for such sweet fuckin Star Wars/gamer flavored art! I've yet to get my fucking grabbers on the Greedo/Solo print above...but I'll be adding it to my X-mas wishlist bitches...
He's also got a slew of bitching fucking shirts available at J!NX! Now if'n your a fucking gaming nerd or just a plain ol'nerd you know J!NX has got some shit for yous.

Below are a couple examples of the J!NX shirts.

FUCK!! Have you seen Firefly!!!? I need that Jayne shirt like I need Episode 1,2, & 3 to be removed from my memory and round up and burned!