Friday, February 26, 2010

Walker Texas Vader

Norris was the smoothest of the smoove and got inside of Padme just before Anakin(he has too many midichlorians to shoot loads anyways). His seed made the Vader...and I don't know why I thought any different!!

Original post via: JustinRampage via Kode Logic (Behance) (deviantART)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring...come unto me. I got some jumpin to do!

Ok this cat is just f•ckin insane. This just plain blew amazing warm air across my balls.

Who did this!?

I WILL AVENGE sweet sweet unicorn name of Toblerone.
OK DUDE, who ever you are, I'm f•ckin huntin you down and gutting you with a curling iron and 2 toothpicks! You DON'T make a unicorn cry! Ain't gonna be pretty...this I promise...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Princess Molly Organawold

I watched 16 Candles, n Return o the Jedi a f•ckin zillion times...during the time I was learning, how do we "have sessions with the Wise Master". Sweet, sweet dreams are made of this...

Dave MacDowell•tballs amazing artist.

Just now as I was postin this b•tch to FB...the captca blew my mind.


Samual Jackson no longer looks like a b•tch.

Christ Almighty! Ya know, if I was a f•ckin hamburger, I'd let 2 people get the chance to eat me. David Lee Roth and Samuel Jackson...look at all his sweet f•ckin shirts n faces!! My fave is angry Samuel with the double quarter pounder from the McD's! That sh•t's ma POISION!!
Also...what the f•ck is peace sign Samuel doin? That sh•t went dead way back in the olden times!

Check out Dave MacDowell...his paintings are for reals and sometimes have burgers in em. HERE.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jesus H Trooper of Pistols-n-Tubularness

It's Sunday and I just knew that Jesus H Trooper was gonna provide me with something to be excited about worshipping! I'm currenly makin a's gonna take a minute to make Death Star candles and I need to know what his fave incense flavor guys know?

Original post was found via :Rudimentary, My Dear Check out her has KITTIES...I know the internet can't get enough of them b•tches!

Rock Sugar sprinkles their love seed all on Metallica's face and chest!

Yeah...there really isn't much contest right now...Rock Sugar is currently my f•cking favoritest!!

Their bio is just inspiring! After breakin the top 41 on the Billboard music charts with their debut album "Bang you like a Drum"...they were to headline concerts around the world...instead...they ended up stranded on a Island...

"The first twenty years of their lives spent listening to heavy metal followed by a twenty year forced diet of little girl pop, their own influences have permanently collided with the unknowingly very influential 13-year-old Lisa Rosenberg. And now Rock Sugar is performing “re-imaginings” of the world’s favorite songs in ways that the world has never even dreamed of. "

PS this video will make you pee your f•cking pants with the water, coffee, and Kool-Aid you drank!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


AHHH YEAH!! Mike Groves and Chris Parry of Pain & Wonder Tattoo are rockin my (not black) tees!! I was super stoked they dug em. If you just have to have one...they is only a couple left. Check my •GEEK•LEE•TISTORE•, they're the cheapestest!

Walk it the f•ck out!

F•ck! I know I know...I've posted a million f•ckin things today. If you're a hater lick my love muscle if you're a lover watch this sh•t over and over! I have and I tell ya what...I was able to ween myself from Xanex! I ain't teasin! I'm watchin it again while I write this b•tch. EASTSIDE WALK IT OUT!!

Unicorn of Veiny-Boner City

Poor dude is about to come outta his SKIN!!

I NEED IT!! Not the sex with bonerfied Unicorns…but the print…perverts.

Via: Uniporn

NSFW but it just might be worth gettin fired over...

Now I don't normally post NSFW thingers...I do say ALL the NSFW things...but this pic is keepin me alive right now. Nerds...stay on your toes because the "unicorn" of ladies does exist. THIS SH•T IS PROOF!!

The cutiest Pokemon of all times

I’ve a home for him…and I have a Dolce bag…it’s gonna be the sweetest!

Start an HTML Dance Party

This sweet b•tchin codeorgan analyzes the *body* content of any web page and translates that guts into party times music.

Go give it a f•ckin whirl:

Have you see'd this!?

Do you guys know how sweet I would sleep at night with this bad assery under my giant John Tesh size head? DO YA!?
Original posty: rudimentarymydear


This sh•t is just plain crazy delicious!! This happens only once every 220 years...sorry dudes you missed it.

My buddy Russell takes Pepperoni-mazing photomeatgraphs.

Uni Cake Topper of marriage/doom

That’s it! I’m gettin married…nah…that sh•t is horrendous! NEVER AGAIN!


Well...what can I say about this soaps that you guys don't already f•ckin know. It's amazing. It's black. It's f•ckin Star Warsy!! I asked Kylee the maker of all things soap awesome, what it smelled like. She sayed, "Your Mom's basement." I've always wanted a soap that smelled like canned CORN CHOWDER!!

Looks like this particular soaps is sold out but check out her store on ETSY for more! HERE

The Shoppe shows me some love

The dudes who work in my shop, all caught wind that I heart the sh•t outta Unicorns. These cats are the kinda dudes who think that unicorns are gay and football isn’t! So…in short their dumb asses were tryin to make fun of me…

When I saw all the love it took to draw the Ice cream mountains covered in butterscotch and the rainbow poo poo spray…I almost f•ckin cried and hugged all them totally “not gay” dudes right there in the shoppe. YOU FAILED! You made my motherf•ckin day. Kisses.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Donut, Guns-n-Noons

My buddy Keith Rein does it again!! Donuts, guns, and noons!!

I wish he’d update his blog already!! HERE

PS. He’ll be in the SLC for the tattoo convention with tons of naughty for sale!

Wait! Another thing…you guys should totally check out he and his wifes donut shoppe too! Featured in This is Why your Fat bookie book. IKE & JANES

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I hate Morrissey

His fat ass, ball washer always ruins my day if I hear his crappy croonin! Today is one of those days. Dear Morrissey...I made this album cover for you...hope you love it cause I don't GIVE A SH•T!

I love you Baby Vader

BABY VADER I will love you and squeeze you and take you for long walks in the park! I’ll make you a little Tie Fighter and even cook your faves!! In return…I’ll just need you to decapitate Lady GaGa and force choke them b•tches responsible for the Offspring to still be makin music! DEAL?