Monday, June 28, 2010

AT-AT Day Afternoon

I know I and AT-AT Day and a dollar short on's probably been around the f•ckin nets 3 times by now...but way too good to pass up!!
According to the creator Patrick Boivin: "When I was a kid, there are two things I wanted badly and never got... A real dog and a Kenner AT-AT Walker"

My folkses were too cheap too Patrick...I feel your pain.

Big kisses and reach arounds goin out to Jon McAfee for pointin this radness out to me.

Friday, June 25, 2010


It's OKAY!! Relax! I don't know if you can tell but this AT-AT isn't real it's made outta nuts and bolts and steel and is just mini in comparison to the Empires impressive technology that tips over easier than a Suzuki Samurai!!

This f•ckin site right here name of Art from Steel(sound pissed right!?) has a sh•t ton of amazing metal sculptures ranging from boring sh•t like planes and helicopters all the way through the gamut of the imagination and some f•cking sh•t you'd never believe they could imagine like a godd•mn GREMLIN!!!!

I wanna square dance with the guy below...he is SOOOO F•CKIN awesome and nerdy.
Think he'll take an apprentice?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Post Apocalyptic Mammaries of Destruction: The future is SO bright!

So, if you've read the blog before...obviously you know that I love Star Wars, David Lee Roth and most f•ckin sh•t sci-fi related. (Remove ANYTHING Prequelish) Now it may shock you to know that if it's got damn near trumps any of the 3 things I mentioned above. If it has boobs and Star Wars my manhood jumps outta it's skin much like the little babies in Aliens.
Above is what the future looks like. floating cars (that f•ckin sh•t was a lie), no lazers, and most importantly no shirts!! Cept for ain't gonna get a lady that fine with your shirt off and your muffin top hangin all out looking like Kevin Smith's neck and sh•t. Remember that...the girls pretend they don't care...they habitually lie. Don't get mad girls, you do!! You always say..."I don't mind", then 5 years later you have a huge beef and you cheat on a brother. I love you all though...

Mitch Cotie is an amazing artist does rad stuff in the style of the master Frank Frazetta RIP. Take a second to look over his stuff HERE
And here on his WEBSITE

Psssst...seriously though girls...I wanna make out with all of you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I don't care what you're callin yourself I'll still eat the sh•t outta you!

Dear "Wereweiner" could call yourself AIDS weiner and I'd still shove you so deep down my ball washer that you'd never see the outside world until you came outta my turdcutter!! What you think of that?

I stumbled on this hot dog print while doin my daily Etsy run arounds...Joe has another couple of hot doggery type things on his etsy page...and in addition some really cool and unique art. BUY HIS SHIT HERE

He's gonna put me to shame at the Don't tell Mommy art show...AHHH!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mobile of masturbation

Are you f•ckin kiddin me with this!!? Now I'ma gonna have to get a man-sized crib to lay in as I stare and poke at my suuuuhweet new mobile. LOOK AT SLAVE LEIA in the middle...that's where I would put her fine ass too. In the middle of my sheets!!

You can buy this mobile at Salty and Sweets Etsy•t is gonna make a tent in your pants!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I vant to drink your chocolate infused milk...

Jason Edmiston makes art of the rad persuasion!! We've ALL seen, or at least I hope we have, Jason's art in the past. If you haven't seen the Storm Trooper Ice Berg, or Cobra Commander you are a failing and you're not just failing your geek class you've done farted around and you're failing at LIFE!

F•CK this monster mash-up makes me in dire need of Chocula, and Boo Berry!! But ALAS...unless I'm willing to wait until Halloween (which I'm not) I guess I'm sh•t outta luck. Spose I'll just have to settle for my C3-PO's from the 80's. Suprisingly cereal that old isn't stale any's reverted back to a crunchy stage and dare I say....CRUNCHIER!!

Jason's prints are available on his Etsy page for a mere 30 bones...HERE
If you're failing the above mentioned courses...purchase of a print is good for extra credit!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jedi A-holes

HAHA!! I loves me some assh•les and if those said assh•les belong to Jedi I love it even harder!! Peep Freddie W's Youtube channel he's got lots of awesome for you to get your wet on to! Big ups to Alex Lodermeier for showin me this here sh•t!

LOVE a lady in uniform

Member Nurse parts had such a thing for her!! Uhura too, but not nearly as bad...I think I just wanted to play Doctor hides his bones with her....UGH!!
Anywhoses!! This print above by Pam Wishbow is her homage to the sci fi universe and I quote: As someone with a 30x40 russian Star Trek poster hanging on her mantle, I encourage you to show your love to sci-fi. Logical or not."
She doesn't know it yet, but we're gonna get married...
This amazing f•cking print is available on Etsy!!

If you're too retarded to click the big purple words above for the obvious linkage you should probably get back on you down syndrome medications.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Leia's Luau!

Ya know...looking at things tagged Star Wars on Etsy on a daily basis really pays off!! For Croms Sakes loooooooook!!!
Above is "Leia's Luau" and "Yeti of Hoth" I just bought both these sons a b•tches for 3 bones each!! That's 300 pennies!! That ain't sh•t, I can't even get a gallon of petroleum for the Soobie for that many pennies!!!
Cassie Hart has some real talents!! Go give her 300 pennies!! Sh•t you can find that in the couch!!
Now pardon me...I gotta get to that f•ckin luau gamorrean pig is DELICIOUS!!

The Two Dollar Tattoo Project...

Rollin around the internet I stumbled upon the Two Dollar Tattoo Project!! This sh•t is f•ckin amazing!!
This tiny mother f•ckin Salacious B. Crumb tattoo by Matthew Ellis is TITS, not to mention teenier than my peter on a winter day after a brisk swim in the Jordanelle!
The whole project is b•tchin! Check it out! Link above.

Spock Bleeds...

Just like everyone else!!
Poor cat...I know he ain't got no f•ckin feelins but he's a man....and half HEW-man. This sh•t will f•ck with anyones ego. Come on back to Earth for a few Spock, I'll show you what I've learned from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the WWE. RAW IS WAR!!!
Mallory Hodgkin is Not a Palindrome...f•ck no she ain't!! Click the pick below to go to her Etsy store and buy some sh•t!!
I got dibs on Spock though...need to hang that f•cker up in the gym as a reminder...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Now by now all you cats know that Star Wars is my first love. That doesn't mean a brother can't cheat on a b•tch once in a while? I f•ckin can get behind some Treks...just last night as a matter of fact the birds in my hood were makin tweets that sounded exactly like the sounds of the medical bay on the OG ship!! (NO LIE I TWEETED THAT SH•T check it if you're a non-believer)

Toys R Evil has revealed the above toyses or figs which are an SDCC exclusive. We gots ourselves some "Captain Titus"(center), "Lt. Commander Hannibal" (above-left and the one that will bite it on the next away mission), and "Commander Affonso" (above-right AFFONSO is a sweet nickname for Spock). All this sh•t comes with with Phaser, Tricorder, Communicator, and a f•ckin Tribble!! TRIBBLES are the motherf•ckin cutest!!

Wish I was goin to SDCC...

Listen to the EM EFFIN Hot Dog