Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jabba, likes Colt 45

Well no wonder Jabba was so easy for Leia to choke to f•ckin death on his barge durin the epic battle near the Sarlacc Pit! He was wasted!

Peep Nathan Stapely's art on 1988 there is a lot of rad nerdery to be lookin at!!


Big ups to Brad Barker for bringin this sweetness to my attention.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Slug Life

Words do not describe the epicness of this f•ckin OG Ganster sh•t right here!! JABBA IS SOOOO GODFATHER!! 10 measly bucks. I'm buyin this sh•t, cause I'm the STREETEST!!
The Etsy seller ICFTB, has a rad Dr. Jones shirt too!!

BUY this sh•t!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Monkeys doin it n doin it...and doin it well.

Empire as done by Chimps!! BEST DAY EVER!!!

Version 1 above is the f•ckin jam...sh•t is funny.

YAAAAAAAY!! F•ckin monkeys!! I personally can't wait till they evolve enough to take the world over. I seriously love their attitudes and mating rituals.

PS! Thanks to NIKI WYLEY for the hot hot tip and linkage!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dr. Phibes for the win!

4 bucks for this sh•t! Are you kiddin me!? I'm buyin the f•ck outta this!
PS...if you ain't seen these movies starring Vincent Price...you need to!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Rock Solid....


AHHHHH YEAH!! This sh•t is sweet even if it is a little NSFW! Graphic n Bikini's together at last like Potato chips and Juicy Fruit Gum!!
DUDES!! There are little drips and squirtely thingers everywhere!! Plus they say shake that ass all the time...this sh•t right here...although it isn't Walk it Out...made my day.

Sloth created hotness!

Someone get me a Baby Ruth STAT! I suddenly have a hankerin for one!

I'm a f•ckin sucker for flash art...and if that sh•t is f•ckin nerdy...GET THE F•CK OUT!! Tattoo artist or no you needa buy this artists business! It's cheaper than a meal at Wendy's...you know if you super size that motherf•cker...
Sloth's f•ckin milkshake is definitely bringin all the boys to the yard!


Seriously buy this sh•t!! BUY: BUMPIN UGLIES

Thursday, May 13, 2010


If this seller would mention what kinda materials these motherf•ckers are made outta he/she would of had a sale FORE SURE!! Astromech plugs would really put the topper on your dancin outfit!! AHHHH!!
If you ain't scared of scurry plastic or whatever these b•tches be made of buy HERE ! There's tons of nerdy plugs go peep it!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If Hoth is hell...I want to go to there.

F•ck me with a saber n call me a space hooker!! Never in my life did I think it'd be so awesome to be a godd•mn nerd...the time is nigh! We got Taun-Taun Sleepin bags we got semi real Light Sabers...what's next!?! A Vader popcorn popper where the corns shoot outta his grill!! AHHHHH!!! Seriously! $100.o0 and this sweet ass Wampa Rug available at ThinkGeek (of course) will be the star of all your homemade pr0n! Put that sh•t in front of your fireplace and game on...no boy or girl will be able to resist!! I'm positive!

Anybody know any Slave Leias in need of a place to crash for a few days? (wink wink)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kod-AK-AK Walker

Every now n again in my nerdy searches of the internet I run across something truly f•ckin inspiring. Something made by geek ass hands...this happens to be one of those Godd•mn moments!! Look at this sh•t!! It's f•ckin blowing my grapes! Someone teach me how to weld! We'll make a welded Viper Squadron n X-wings...sh•t we could even make a deathstar outta a garbage can and a motherf•ckin buoy! Sh•t is endless...

Per Invention51's description of items used: It's made from an old super 8 film recorder, and random steel scraps...80 bucks ain't enough money my man...you should charge more.

Buy this: HERE

Take a sec and look around the rest of the store there on Etsy...sh•t is crazy cool.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Motherf•ckin Ham Dogger

The f•ckin Ham Dogger is the single most amazing godd•mn invention since the Spork and Push Up Bra!! Seriously I mean...you ain't gonna have to buy two kinds of buns n sh•t no more...you can impress all the ladies at the party with your ham dog...you know they're gonna want a f•ckin TASTE!!

This super amazing babe getting invention is only $7.98 over at f•ckin Taylor Gifts...if I don't see one of these b•tches up in my hizz come X-mas times there is gonna be NO Millenium Falcon Shaped Fruit Cakes for none of you sons-a-b•tches!! I spose I could buy my own Ham Dogger...I'm changin the name to Hot Burglerizer Machine...sounds cooler.