Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Droves of nerds should love the Groves!

Mike Groves is gonna blow the fuck up!! Mark my words...check out his sweet shit ala PoOpBIrD and Pain & Wonder Tattoo!! LOOK at his nerdy art and tatty zaps (2nd one in the gallery is on my fucking leg BITCHES!!) He's gonna love this...since he loves cussing SO MUCH!

Mikey is the rad looking dude on the left. Chillin with Louis Tully from Ghostbusters...what a saaaweeet fucking costume eh?

Above are a couple of his pieces available print flavor from his Etsy Store! Shit is super cheap for such sweet fuckin Star Wars/gamer flavored art! I've yet to get my fucking grabbers on the Greedo/Solo print above...but I'll be adding it to my X-mas wishlist bitches...
He's also got a slew of bitching fucking shirts available at J!NX! Now if'n your a fucking gaming nerd or just a plain ol'nerd you know J!NX has got some shit for yous.

Below are a couple examples of the J!NX shirts.

FUCK!! Have you seen Firefly!!!? I need that Jayne shirt like I need Episode 1,2, & 3 to be removed from my memory and round up and burned!


  1. we are all children of the groves!!!

  2. Hotel Ballrooms always ruin a convention picture

  3. Don't they though!! I'll photoshop in a library or a museum or some shit. Will that make it ok?

  4. mike should build a portable green screen that he wears around his heard like the shower that Ralph Macchio dressed up as in Karate Kid. That way we could photoshop him into anything!!!