Monday, October 5, 2009

1st-3 wolves moon...then 3 keyboard cats BEHOLD THE MOST EPIC OF EPICS!!

Sweet tits of Christ!! Three goddamn wolves, three fucking keyboards (played way sweeter than buy dem cats I might add), A MOTERFUCKING unicorn, a random out of the loop wolf whistlin Dixe back there, and bringing that bitch on home...Elliot and fucking E.T. Ridin cross the moon like a couple of 80's majestic blockbuster bitches!!
Have you EVER!! Seen anything this fucking awesome?! Now...if you have...I'll make a deal with ya. I'll keep you stocked up on Twix Bars and blow jobs til you die or 2012, which ever comes sooner.

I don't know where this sweetness originally came from but my good buddy Bryan Center hooked a brother up. Maybe he'll be kind enough to tell me.

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