Friday, October 2, 2009

Spocktober 2nd & f*ckin FRIDAVE!!

Smornin while I was pokin around looking for some fucking geekery to pladgerize I stumbled upon a couple-o-rad artists on Etsy. First off we have fucking SPOCKITTY! I'm not super into fucking cats (had a couple in the past but, they got stoled by the ex-wife so cats are pretty much dead to me) but this cat rocking the Spocker is fucking rad and cheaper than a whiskey shot off my balls on Easter!! *free* Well it ain't free like an Easter Ball Shot...but close...

Check out this fucking cat's home at the artist Lauren Gregg's Etsy page. Apparently she's a nerd since all of her prints are of different types of fucking nerds...see if you can find your nerd and buy that shit! Lauren's HUNGRY!!

Next we got this eyebrow raised bitch right artist *handle* Nonobjective! He/she's got some super nerdy, and super rad shit on his/her Etsy page! Obviously there is the Spock here looking all sinister and emotion free. There is a little kid riding a goddamn tricycle with a Vader helmet know that fucking jizz is gonna get purchased by yours truly. Oh Nonobjective's art is even fucking cheaper than that shot off my fact Nonobjective even says "I believe pretentious high-cost art is poop." That's my kind of fuckin gal/guy!!! Check out his/her Etsy page right fucking HERE


  1. did you realize that lauren gregg is an athens lady?! you coulda met her while you were here.

  2. FUCK!! I wish we woulda met. She's got rad shit!