Monday, November 30, 2009

Next time on...Vipera Crest

The loving Cobra family. Sits majestically on a sweet swirly rock thinger in their casual clothes...unbeknown-st to them the Queen of the Snake Bird B•tches is gettin ready to reveal her hideously beautiful mammory scales to the stay at home wife of CEO and business mogul Mr. Cobraham...all cause he cheated on her that one time. Queen of the Snake Bird B•tches, said she was gonna...but Mr. Cobraham thought she was full of sh•t! OH MAN!! Mr. Cobraham you're so f•ckin busted!!

Personally...I think Ms...Cobraham soon to be Jeffersnake has way better mammory scales.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dwang Dwitt is dwalented!

I'm sure I've seen Dwitt's art before and just never f•cking realized it. Wasn't until I was doin my daily Etsy surf for cool shit to spoil myself with, that I found this amazing fucking food art. And coincidentally looks like Dwitt likes him some food too!!

Butter...nuffucking said.

What the f•ck you put butter on? BREAD B•TCHES BREAD!

Sometimes when you're really f•ckin hungry and there isn't any candy around you might have to gag down some motherf•cking fruits. I know, I's a last resort sorta dealie but this art piece sure gets a thumbs up!!

Last but not least we gots the elixir of life. Sh•t that without it I'd stab myself in the love muscle with a mechanical pencil. Thank Crom for coffee!

So, Dwitt's Etsy store has f•ckin sh•ttons of rad sh•ts on the cheap! Buy that noize! He's also a blogger, check out Dwitt Daily's This fucking sketch of a Hot Doug's Hot Dog has that afore mentioned love muscle all ready for love...if you know what I mean...•wink wink•
Someday Hot Dougs...I will be stuffin your wieners in my ball washer.
One more thing about this dude known as "Dwitt" pages and pages of rock posters are displayed on GIGPOSTERS This cat is f•cking everywhere!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Toss PetSalad's Coins

Heads I win. Tails I win.

This cat right here name of PETSALAD Has some coin pendant type dealies for sale on Etsy. These shiny titbids have got my jewelry lovin ass all juiced up like my long time tradition...Aloe Sundays!

Christ! What do you f•cking choose? The PORKLACE? *SHUT UP* Or the TITNICKLE!!? And this shit right here is double the bang for your buck. Not only do you get a sweet bare ass coin necklace jobber but you get to back that b•itch up with the holy grail of lady bits bizness necklace! I mean if you're lady won't let you tattoo titties on your neck then why the fu•ck wouldn't you get the next best thing!

Oh and on a side note. Tuesday evenings aren't only for Tacos...there be a need for a little Conan the Barbarian Soundtrack love. Sh•t is saga-mazing to the fantasy power!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Yeah I'm a foody...what of it?

So yeah...I like food. I like the way it tastes, spreads, smells, and mostly how amazin it becomes when aiding us with our sexual intercourse times.

I also dig food art...and this cat YEEEEEEEEEHAÜ! (That's the way we fucking Utahns do) has some great fuckin food prints! If you know me at all you know which one of these bitches is my fave. YUP! The Corn Dog man gettin ready to make babies with the Candied Apple hussy!
I need all these fuckers hangin in the kitchen...but it may clash with my porno kitchen theme I currently have rockin up the joint. Maybe I'll have em hangin by the masturbation machine (see they know...).

Buy Yee Haw's art here at his Etsy Store cause he MUST be fuckin HUNGRY!!

Chewy might be gay, but...he's all right by me

Take a moment to google "chewbacca guitar". I don't know why I did just seemed like a search that needed to be done. Below are some of my favorite'll see why.

Chewy likes to party like the rest of us. Just cause he prefers the leather bars and has sex with other boy Wookies doesn't make him any less fucking awesome!! His codpiece is the raddest. I tried calling him to see where he got it. Asshole wouldn't tell me.

Now...what the fuck is going on? Why didn't Chewie get a fucking medal you racist sons-a-bitches!? Is it a medal that burns the fur right off any Wookie it touches? If so, they shoulda made one outta fucking wood and hooked a brother up!

Awesome...Da Vinci knew his shit.

I want this Pinstriped Chewie tattooed on my FACE!

Chewie...I like your style. So fucking smart to bring your own lawn chair while you wait for the bus!

Now supposedly this is the death of Chewie...looks glorious as fuck if you ask me and I bet he's just mad at his boyfriend for breakin his fucking balls all the times! A guy has to show a guy who wears the pants in the relations-ship!