Friday, October 2, 2009

Marvel caps for us aging balding nerd f*cks.

You wear a hat for two reasons.
1: You're balding.
2: You're fucking bald.
Christ! It's hard in the streets for a thirty something balding nerdy dude! I have a plethora of hats and ball caps but none that I just gotta fuckin wear! I think I've finally found them bitches! New Era has a fuck ton of Marvel/DC hats available for the low low fucking expensive price of 30 to 35 bucks. The three pictured are the three I need to have. Specially that purple cocksucker! I got a bald spot that needs protection from the fucking sun and the Fantastic Four are the only group of heroes that can do that adequately! Captain America and Cyclops I'm guys are gonna be my back up shits ok?

Check out all the fucking caps at New Era
Oh fuck! I forgot, if anyone wants to buy me a cap for Baby Jesus Escaped from an Untouched & Pristine Vagina Day my size is 7 1/2!


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