Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Famous in Utah.

Like KFC, but inedible.
Now I love all things "Day". For instance the Daywalker, Days of Our Lives (I can't fucking believe they still use that goddamn hourglass), and any day I see a pink pool float!. I also got no problem with all things "of the Dead". Shaun, ORGY...bladdy bladdy blah and on and fucking on. Oh, yeah shit! I almost forgot our lord and saviour...I fucking heart the shit outta Jesus, and all God's creatures!
Well today just so's to happen to be on of them fucking sweet ass days when Jesus and Thor musta had a good day of tennis. It's like that time you found, and tried on your daddy's condoms!! Wasn't that the BEST!!?

Well, Miss Suziki hit us up with a link for pillows this afternoon. Yeah PILLOWS!! Suck it! We all use em! When you see these babies you'll know what I'm talkin bout!

First and foremost! The most amazing pillow aside from prehaps a Slave Leia piller...but as Jesus says

I gotta have this shit!! It would look the sweetest on my couch from the set of Mr. Belvedere!!
UGH!! Now the Day of the Dead felt pillow above is just incredible! I can't even swear about it. It's got and DEAD!! Sadly Kissy purchased the Day of the Dead pillow...but the Jesus Bearing Cross Straddling a DinofuckinSaur is still available. If any of you buy it I swear I'll shank ya with a popsicle stick I sharpened in the school yard!!
I'ma jokin! I'll just give ya the stink eye.
I chatted with Victoria The Germ(link to her Etsy Store) today on the book a little bit and she needs us to buy these bitches. As she said..."I'm super super uber poor and I need money! (I should really start getting back to sewing, but I just like basking in the glory that is my Utah fame!"
That's right she's "UTAH FAMOUS"! Bask Vick...BASK....Like KFC but inedible...

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