Sunday, October 11, 2009

Trekkers break out your peckers.

Death of Spock made my cry like a bitch when I was a lie. I don't know how we can make light of this saddest of sad moments...but this vid seems to do just fucking that!

Hardy fucking har! Star Trek Love Boat...made me snort a little coffee, especially seein Lt. Wharf all fucking smiley and shit! He musta had some white girl!

Holy Shit! This woulda made both fucking movies way way sweeter!! Pirates of the Caribbean GENER-FUCKING-ATIONS!!

Bayager Watch...God, I had completely wiped Voyager from my fucking memory. Yup folks it did happen and it was shittier than those hippity hoppity robots from Transformers.

God I really forgot all about Voyager...shit Seven was all robot and sexy!! Seven wants Chakotay to penetrate her mechanical geener!

Oh...Chakotay, sing it ya fucking pussy...have sex with a cyborg already. If I could get my sweet ass to the füch I'd be having Robot sexy time every fucking day!!

Christ! A lot of fuckers died on Jim's watch.

BASTARDS OF KIRK. I wonder how he escaped Space AIDS!

And finally...I saved the best for last...How to Kiss a woman.

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