Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Mash-Ups guaranteed to get your pants up!

I know it's Spocktober and all...but I've always kinda loved Star Wars a little harder. I'm throwin up my favorite fuckin S.W. Mash-ups cause I'm fucking bored! Lick my dong like an Otter Pop if you don't like it! BOOM!

Just to keep this bitch bein Spocktober and all, we'll start off with a Star Wars VS Star Trek vid. REBELS HO!!!
Sulu says "fly her apart then"...DIRTY!! This is an epic fucking battle!

HAHAHA! When I was a kidder I remember laughing my ass off at this fucking sequence...somehow it's even funnier now!

Dallas Opening Star Wars flavor...who the fuck shot Darth Vader!?

2 of my favorites smashed the fuck up!

Holy fuckin shit!! This one is a little 5 minutes on the nose but this shit might as well be fucking Ess to the Dub! It's an ol' WWII movie mashed up with the Wars and shit's like it was made with this mash up in mind. PS...says retard in the opening, so if you have a problem with retard you should skip this one retard.

I fucking LOL'd this bitch...Vader plays the mouth harp!

We've all seen this shit, but fuck it's a classic can't leave it out! Don't EVA touch a black man's radio boyee!

FUCKING AMAZING!! FULL METAL WARS!! So many F-Bombs and dick of my favorites ever!

Snatch Wars...fuck are you takin a piss!? This shite right here is the best shite I've seen!!

Pulp Wars...they call that shit a Empire with Cheese!

Macgyver/Wars mash...fuck me with one of them bubblegum bombs please!

Han Solo P.I. This is the fucker that started it all off at least for the side by side vid...CAAARAZY this bitch is exactly like the opening for Magnum. Side by Side!!

Now wasn't that the best waste of an hour on a Sunday Morn/afternoon EVER! If not I'll be issuing certificates good for one hour of time travel...if you feel as if you deserve one of these said certificates, please email me at

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