Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kylee Lane does it AGAIN!

Solo Soap...not at all! I'm savin this for sexy times partner type showers. Ah who am I will be Solo Soap...
I'm buyin this Carbonite soaps straight away!! I can't wait to see how it feels against my skins n parts!! Another hit by KYLEE LANE Soap lady and nerd/geek extraordinaire.

PS...she's cool as F•ck!!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

James Gandalf Pinky

This amazing is pure genius!! I could play with my pinky all afternoon with this noise!!
BUY IT Sh•t is by Paperfruithair...those 3 things only belong together in a bedroom environment if you ask me.


Mammory and Ivory

XXX stitch!! This sh•t right here is just what my Porn kitchen be needin!!
Check out all the naughty XXX stitches by Crotch Stitch HERE •NSFW dudes...for reals.


Christ I haven't posted anything all week. superpower is LAZY!
F•ck me, I mighta already posted this sweetness by Katie Price...I don't remember keep rollin haters!
One of the sexiest renditions of Starbuck I've ever see'd! Who cares about helpless little Cally back there...she's just whinin and complainin anyways!! knuckle tattoos will be Star Buck cause Six is too short.

Buy this sh•t HERE, I'm gonna.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Die Antf•ckinwoord

South Africans Die Antwoord are fingerin my all the videos...peep the WEBSITE if the first track on there doesn't sell ya, then you don't like fun.

Eighteen Wheels of Party...

Get your Jäger n glow sticks boys and girls...I'll be there in a minute I gotta stretch...
Blur Redux done Cannonball Run Dancey hip hop skösh of Tron flavor.

Project Animation Test by Reanimatr

Bugs, now with more invisible.

It’s a f•ckin Predator caterpillar! I've got mixed emotions about this...elation, and horrification. That little sh•t could get into one of my orifices with little or no effort at all.

Peep robotindisguise good times.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Pretty sure I love Ruby Rocket

I got no swears prepared. I'm speechless...hugs n kisses Ruby...hugs n kisses.
You guys really need to go check out all the hottness over at I'll probably be visiting that site daily for the next little while. Don't tell MOM!

Best site on the web...

LAZERTITS...nuff say'd. Tittally not safe for work.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The single most AWESOME of all time

Several months ago I wrote somethin up for a super talented girl my friend KISSY mentioned on the book.
She makes the coolest f•ckin nerd pillows you've ever seen! I've since met and spoken to Victoria Germ many, many times and I gotta tell ya...not only is she talented but f•ckin cool as all get out!
She told me that she was sending me a surprise...and as you can see by the above picture boy HOWDY was I surprised!! ALL by hand, she crafted an Admiral Ackbar it's a trap piller...NOW LOOK AT IT CLOSELY! All the oranges spell "It's a TRAP!"
This surprise has left me super teary eyed and overwhelmed with the joy!! Go buy her stuff...she does custom orders too!! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cutie Le Prawn ALA Oliver

Now District 9 was a titties movie...we all agree on that point. When I was watchin it I thought the little kid prawn was soooo f•ckin cute I couldn't stand it! Now after seeing this artwork I wanna deep fry his ass and put him on a stick!! THE CUTIEST!! Right now Alex at my work is talking my ear off about Corey Haim he snorted coke offa hookers titties n stuff...
Who gives a f•ckin sh•t about the Corey! He was the lesser of the 2 Corey's anywho...sorry Corey you get beat by cuteness prawn.

Original post of artworky work: HERE