Monday, May 10, 2010

The Motherf•ckin Ham Dogger

The f•ckin Ham Dogger is the single most amazing godd•mn invention since the Spork and Push Up Bra!! Seriously I ain't gonna have to buy two kinds of buns n sh•t no can impress all the ladies at the party with your ham know they're gonna want a f•ckin TASTE!!

This super amazing babe getting invention is only $7.98 over at f•ckin Taylor Gifts...if I don't see one of these b•tches up in my hizz come X-mas times there is gonna be NO Millenium Falcon Shaped Fruit Cakes for none of you sons-a-b•tches!! I spose I could buy my own Ham Dogger...I'm changin the name to Hot Burglerizer Machine...sounds cooler.


1 comment:

  1. Holy sh*t. 4th of July is going to be SO MUCH MORE AWESOME this year.