Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kod-AK-AK Walker

Every now n again in my nerdy searches of the internet I run across something truly f•ckin inspiring. Something made by geek ass hands...this happens to be one of those Godd•mn moments!! Look at this sh•t!! It's f•ckin blowing my grapes! Someone teach me how to weld! We'll make a welded Viper Squadron n X-wings...sh•t we could even make a deathstar outta a garbage can and a motherf•ckin buoy! Sh•t is endless...

Per Invention51's description of items used: It's made from an old super 8 film recorder, and random steel scraps...80 bucks ain't enough money my man...you should charge more.

Buy this: HERE

Take a sec and look around the rest of the store there on Etsy...sh•t is crazy cool.

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