Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If Hoth is hell...I want to go to there.

F•ck me with a saber n call me a space hooker!! Never in my life did I think it'd be so awesome to be a godd•mn nerd...the time is nigh! We got Taun-Taun Sleepin bags we got semi real Light Sabers...what's next!?! A Vader popcorn popper where the corns shoot outta his grill!! AHHHHH!!! Seriously! $100.o0 and this sweet ass Wampa Rug available at ThinkGeek (of course) will be the star of all your homemade pr0n! Put that sh•t in front of your fireplace and game boy or girl will be able to resist!! I'm positive!

Anybody know any Slave Leias in need of a place to crash for a few days? (wink wink)

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  1. Lights! Camera! Action!