Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Twang Twang Twang

This f•ckin gatling gun shoots rubbers and 504 of them b•tches!! You know that if I had this I'd be Point Breakin the sh•t outta some banks...f•ckin takin people out safely...after all I don't believe in violence unless we're murderin a theater full of Twi•Hards In that case I'll load this f•ckin gun full of piano strings and decapitate some b•tches.

I'll do "whatever" it takes if someone would just make this gun for me...anything...really... INTSTRUCTIONS HERE


  1. Awesome. Perfect for mowing down army men. I wonder if its a bitch to load though.

  2. I was wonderin that too!! 504 rubbers...that'd take all day!