Friday, November 6, 2009

Yeah I'm a foody...what of it?

So yeah...I like food. I like the way it tastes, spreads, smells, and mostly how amazin it becomes when aiding us with our sexual intercourse times.

I also dig food art...and this cat YEEEEEEEEEHAÜ! (That's the way we fucking Utahns do) has some great fuckin food prints! If you know me at all you know which one of these bitches is my fave. YUP! The Corn Dog man gettin ready to make babies with the Candied Apple hussy!
I need all these fuckers hangin in the kitchen...but it may clash with my porno kitchen theme I currently have rockin up the joint. Maybe I'll have em hangin by the masturbation machine (see they know...).

Buy Yee Haw's art here at his Etsy Store cause he MUST be fuckin HUNGRY!!

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