Friday, November 20, 2009

Dwang Dwitt is dwalented!

I'm sure I've seen Dwitt's art before and just never f•cking realized it. Wasn't until I was doin my daily Etsy surf for cool shit to spoil myself with, that I found this amazing fucking food art. And coincidentally looks like Dwitt likes him some food too!!

Butter...nuffucking said.

What the f•ck you put butter on? BREAD B•TCHES BREAD!

Sometimes when you're really f•ckin hungry and there isn't any candy around you might have to gag down some motherf•cking fruits. I know, I's a last resort sorta dealie but this art piece sure gets a thumbs up!!

Last but not least we gots the elixir of life. Sh•t that without it I'd stab myself in the love muscle with a mechanical pencil. Thank Crom for coffee!

So, Dwitt's Etsy store has f•ckin sh•ttons of rad sh•ts on the cheap! Buy that noize! He's also a blogger, check out Dwitt Daily's This fucking sketch of a Hot Doug's Hot Dog has that afore mentioned love muscle all ready for love...if you know what I mean...•wink wink•
Someday Hot Dougs...I will be stuffin your wieners in my ball washer.
One more thing about this dude known as "Dwitt" pages and pages of rock posters are displayed on GIGPOSTERS This cat is f•cking everywhere!!

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