Friday, November 6, 2009

Chewy might be gay, but...he's all right by me

Take a moment to google "chewbacca guitar". I don't know why I did just seemed like a search that needed to be done. Below are some of my favorite'll see why.

Chewy likes to party like the rest of us. Just cause he prefers the leather bars and has sex with other boy Wookies doesn't make him any less fucking awesome!! His codpiece is the raddest. I tried calling him to see where he got it. Asshole wouldn't tell me.

Now...what the fuck is going on? Why didn't Chewie get a fucking medal you racist sons-a-bitches!? Is it a medal that burns the fur right off any Wookie it touches? If so, they shoulda made one outta fucking wood and hooked a brother up!

Awesome...Da Vinci knew his shit.

I want this Pinstriped Chewie tattooed on my FACE!

Chewie...I like your style. So fucking smart to bring your own lawn chair while you wait for the bus!

Now supposedly this is the death of Chewie...looks glorious as fuck if you ask me and I bet he's just mad at his boyfriend for breakin his fucking balls all the times! A guy has to show a guy who wears the pants in the relations-ship!

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