Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ULTRAMAN SODA!? Well, f*ck me runnin!

My co-worker James was up here shattin with me about makin an Ultraman T-shirt. FUN! I started doin a little bit of seachin and researchin and low and behold I discovered prolly the tastiest soda of all times! ULTRAMAN SODA! Now I can't read that shit on the fucking can, but it's gotta be the best right!? Octopus, squid and sushi flavors I'm almost fucking positive. Over ice and mixed with a little bit of Jäger best super drink ev!!

Check out the website...again you can't read a fuckin thing but it's a really fuckin cool site. Shit moves-n-fights and junk! ULTRAMAN SODERSITE


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