Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Why didn't I dream up this motherfucking amazing shit! You just add ice cream, squeeze, and BEHOLD you have ice cream float jizz in your ball washer!!! Just imagine all the sick ass combinations you could come up with.

Coke Float
Vanilla ice cream & Coca-Cola (or Pepsi, RC Cola, etc.)
Black Cow
Vanilla ice cream, root beer & chocolate syrup (I bet you could make this bitch a little easier by just adding choco ice cream...but looks like you'd call that fucker a Brown Cow)
Brown Cow
Chocolate ice cream & root beer
Purple Cow
Vanilla ice cream & grape drink (What the FUCK!? Can you say DEEEFUCKINGLISHUS boys and girls?)
Beer Float
Vanilla ice cream & real beer (skip the straw get that shit straight in my face!)
Boston Cooler
Vanilla ice cream & ginger ale, blended. Variations include Vernor's, club soda, sherbet, rum, vanilla vodka, milk, sugar, or even coffee (CHRIST couldn't come up with anything more super)
Snow White
Vanilla ice cream & 7-Up, Sprite, or Sierra Mist (notice no Fresca...that shit is gross as fuck)
Sherbet Cooler
Orange or rainbow sherbet & seltzer water or 7-Up

It's gonna be hard to stay stocked up on ice cream and soder...I may go broke, but I'll be happier than R2 after an oil bath!

Check out the product link. THE FIZZ

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