Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This sh*t right here noocka...this sh*t right here!!

Now this sh•t popped off on September 17th and I'll be f•ckled! I missed it!! Son of a b•tch clocked in at mere 185 LB's. Give me a man who can tackle this b•tch and I'll point back at that f•cker and show you a dude with super fucking powers and heart and artery thingers made out of the fuckin TERMINATOR!!! He can not be defeated!! And...I'll propose to him while wearing only burger buns to cover my naughty bits.
Now one problem I have with these giant godd•mned burgers is...why the f•ck they gotta have all them nasty onions shits on there!? F•CK! So gross! Only thing worse is Megan Fox's thumbs!


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  2. What I wanna know is who the fuck makes a burger bun that fuckin big.. and how. Thats allot of yeast right there my friend, dunno if oprah could even top that one.

  3. According to my fuckin sources...Oprah had this burger made for her afternoon snack. Gonna be in her "FAVORITE FUCKING THINGS" episode this fall.