Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dear Jesus, thank you...I can die now. See you in Hell!

How in the name of all that is fucking holy and delicious did I miss the fucking Donut Burger!!?
This is better than tits on 3po...better than bacon (only cause it has bacon on it) and better than sex on a fucking waterbed!!
Goddammit!! I'm gonna eat one everyday for lunch and wash that bitch back with a 32 ounce glass of bull semen!

In the name of Jesus Christ...Amen.

Big dicks go out the Niki Dees for pointing this sweet ass bitch out! She says: "The hole in the middle is from boner *DOING!*"

OH FUCK! I need solid food now more than ever!


  1. Where the hell is that joint! We have a place here called Original that has something similar I'm going to get one now!

  2. Get one!! Take some pics. Tell me how it is! I need to know...