Monday, April 26, 2010

Literal @@ Walker by David Staffell

This shirt has been makin the rounds and I know all us geeks have seen and swooned over it for a couple of weeks!! However, David Staffell artist/designer extraordinaire contacted me this morning just to let me know that his sweet AT-AT shirt was available over at Shirt Woot!! This is the first time an artist has contacted little ol' me...and I was thrilled. Not only cause this sh•t is b•tchin, but cause he's nicer than a summer mornin!! Go buy this shirt!! It's only 15 bones and one of the most original Star Wars Designs I've ever seen!!
David has a great website showing some of the other designs he's done. It's called INKSLIP and his designs are amazing and all on the geek tip!! Peep it and peep it HARD!!

Here is a another of my favorites David has designed!
Earth's Krust (I LOLLED)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Thing•esque and sweet as Lucy Lawless' nips ZOMBIE ZOMBIE

It's gay as gay that I have to make the vid so that sh•t on youtube...

Influenced by Krautrock and f•ckin horror soundtracks (e.g., Goblin, John Carpenter), Zombie Zombie is a French indie electronic duo with balls enough to grace us with their motherf•ckin vintage synthesizers...and just bein plain f•ckin sweet. This video is amazing as balls.

Thanks to Sarvas for sendin me this video. I'm forever in his debt, specially since he just put the f•ckin Trailer Park Boys Seasons 1-6 in snail mails for me!! Love this f•ckin guy, follow him on Tumblr n twitter.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

If you don't watch Spartacus you're failin at life.

I haven't been this stoked on f•ckin TV since BSG.

I have that POWER!!

I didn't realize that the Prince of Eternia and I had so much sh•t in common! Sweet sword cane, furry panties, n burgers! Who KNEW!

Check out the rest of this f•ckin sweet art show that happened a minute ago, nerds wet dream. Really wish I coulda been there in the reals, that would of been the wettest.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

How do I get the extra ball...

Yeah suck it, this sh•t is a little NSFW but it's Sunday, if you're at work quit your f•ckin job! Ain't nobody sposed to be workin on Sunday. Well...everyone at Chili's and Taco Time, still needs to be working, a dudes gotta f•ckin eat.

Trampstamps n awesome as f•ck, rarely belong in the same sentence. But look at that sh•t!! I love me some pinball *wink wink* and if you look closely you can see the flipper buttons on her side. I think this sh•t is full of geek awesome and I'm askin her to marry me and make sounds from Creature from the Black Lagoon when we make doggystyle whoopie!

SARVAS brought this sh•t to my attention. Ask him some questions, he's a witty motherf•cker!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lando is the f•ckin man...

Oh wait, Lando sold out our boy Solo for a piece of the empires fucking action, which by the way he didn't end up gettin cause after Solo was frozen in Carbonite he was tryin to get a piece of Leia's ass. HATE LANDO!!

Now this poster on the other hand I f•ckin love. Great idear!

Friday, April 9, 2010

I need this sh•t for when I turn into an ol'lady!

F•ckin A!! I've always wanted to collect spoons n plates like my moms! She told me I couldn't cause that sh•t was for girls...Well...what do you think of this sh•t mom!! MANLIER THAN A BABY MADE BY MACGUYVER AND MAGNUM!! Suck it!!

Buy these b•tches up! You'll be the talk of the town not to mention the coolest motherf•cker in at least a block radius o you hizz!!