Sunday, April 11, 2010

How do I get the extra ball...

Yeah suck it, this sh•t is a little NSFW but it's Sunday, if you're at work quit your f•ckin job! Ain't nobody sposed to be workin on Sunday. Well...everyone at Chili's and Taco Time, still needs to be working, a dudes gotta f•ckin eat.

Trampstamps n awesome as f•ck, rarely belong in the same sentence. But look at that sh•t!! I love me some pinball *wink wink* and if you look closely you can see the flipper buttons on her side. I think this sh•t is full of geek awesome and I'm askin her to marry me and make sounds from Creature from the Black Lagoon when we make doggystyle whoopie!

SARVAS brought this sh•t to my attention. Ask him some questions, he's a witty motherf•cker!


  1. the photographer who took this shot is a client at my salon and lives in Utah, so this girl is somewhere close... FYI

  2. Where do the quarters go in?

  3. BRITTANY!! FOR REALS!!? I think she needs me.