Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Post Apocalyptic Mammaries of Destruction: The future is SO bright!

So, if you've read the blog before...obviously you know that I love Star Wars, David Lee Roth and most f•ckin sh•t sci-fi related. (Remove ANYTHING Prequelish) Now it may shock you to know that if it's got damn near trumps any of the 3 things I mentioned above. If it has boobs and Star Wars my manhood jumps outta it's skin much like the little babies in Aliens.
Above is what the future looks like. floating cars (that f•ckin sh•t was a lie), no lazers, and most importantly no shirts!! Cept for ain't gonna get a lady that fine with your shirt off and your muffin top hangin all out looking like Kevin Smith's neck and sh•t. Remember that...the girls pretend they don't care...they habitually lie. Don't get mad girls, you do!! You always say..."I don't mind", then 5 years later you have a huge beef and you cheat on a brother. I love you all though...

Mitch Cotie is an amazing artist does rad stuff in the style of the master Frank Frazetta RIP. Take a second to look over his stuff HERE
And here on his WEBSITE

Psssst...seriously though girls...I wanna make out with all of you.

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