Thursday, June 10, 2010

I vant to drink your chocolate infused milk...

Jason Edmiston makes art of the rad persuasion!! We've ALL seen, or at least I hope we have, Jason's art in the past. If you haven't seen the Storm Trooper Ice Berg, or Cobra Commander you are a failing and you're not just failing your geek class you've done farted around and you're failing at LIFE!

F•CK this monster mash-up makes me in dire need of Chocula, and Boo Berry!! But ALAS...unless I'm willing to wait until Halloween (which I'm not) I guess I'm sh•t outta luck. Spose I'll just have to settle for my C3-PO's from the 80's. Suprisingly cereal that old isn't stale any's reverted back to a crunchy stage and dare I say....CRUNCHIER!!

Jason's prints are available on his Etsy page for a mere 30 bones...HERE
If you're failing the above mentioned courses...purchase of a print is good for extra credit!

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