Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Now by now all you cats know that Star Wars is my first love. That doesn't mean a brother can't cheat on a b•tch once in a while? I f•ckin can get behind some Treks...just last night as a matter of fact the birds in my hood were makin tweets that sounded exactly like the sounds of the medical bay on the OG ship!! (NO LIE I TWEETED THAT SH•T check it if you're a non-believer)

Toys R Evil has revealed the above toyses or figs which are an SDCC exclusive. We gots ourselves some "Captain Titus"(center), "Lt. Commander Hannibal" (above-left and the one that will bite it on the next away mission), and "Commander Affonso" (above-right AFFONSO is a sweet nickname for Spock). All this sh•t comes with with Phaser, Tricorder, Communicator, and a f•ckin Tribble!! TRIBBLES are the motherf•ckin cutest!!

Wish I was goin to SDCC...

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  1. The rhino is definitely the cutest and needs to be on my desk right now. With the added Tribble I'm definitely sold.