Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rock Sugar sprinkles their love seed all on Metallica's face and chest!

Yeah...there really isn't much contest right now...Rock Sugar is currently my f•cking favoritest!!

Their bio is just inspiring! After breakin the top 41 on the Billboard music charts with their debut album "Bang you like a Drum"...they were to headline concerts around the world...instead...they ended up stranded on a Island...

"The first twenty years of their lives spent listening to heavy metal followed by a twenty year forced diet of little girl pop, their own influences have permanently collided with the unknowingly very influential 13-year-old Lisa Rosenberg. And now Rock Sugar is performing “re-imaginings” of the world’s favorite songs in ways that the world has never even dreamed of. "

PS this video will make you pee your f•cking pants with the water, coffee, and Kool-Aid you drank!

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